Say Goodbye to Squealing Brakes

Meet with a brake repair specialist in Lewiston and Sabattus, ME

Does your car squeal every time you pump the brakes? Not only is the squealing annoying, but it can be a sign of serious brake issues that could put you and other drivers at risk. To make sure your car is safe to operate, stop by Full Auto Service Center today. We're a leading brake inspection service in Lewiston, ME servicing the surrounding areas including Sabattus, ME. We'll get rid of the squeal and make sure it's safe for you to be behind the wheel.

Call us at 207-241-7013 now to learn about the brake repair services we offer at our auto shop.

Details about our brake inspection process

Need help with your brakes? Visit Full Auto Service Center today for fast, reliable brake repair service in Lewiston, ME. Our brake inspection, which typically takes 30-60 minutes, includes:

  • Removing all four wheels to check all brakes and brake pads for damage and excessive wear
  • Deep cleaning your brakes and the areas surrounding them
  • Taking your car for a test drive to make sure your brakes function as they should

If there are no significant issues, you'll get your car back as soon as we're done. If we find a problem, we'll give you a free repair estimate and fix it for you as quickly as possible.

For more details about our brake repair services, contact Full Auto Service Center today.